Fort McMurray Monarchs


The Fort McMurray Monarchs in their first season in the AFL in 2014 had a positive and solid first season. Fort McMurray’s key success was a dominant defense and outstanding special teams. With a record of 4-3 in the regular season and 1-1 in the playoffs it was the best record the AFL has seen for a first year expansion team. Monarch’s athletes both work hard in the oil sands industry and on the football field. The players on the Fort McMurray Monarchs have various skill levels and backgrounds including players all the way from the east to the west coast.

Some key leaders for the monarchs are: Jesse Maddox MLB, AFL defensive player of the year David Bosch DE, Kwami Osei WR, Mccartney Sealey WR, Jordan Davis OL, AFL special teams player of the year Skylor Letcher CB and a new head coach Dave Spence.

If you believe in hype and good luck charms the monarchs are still undefeated in there black jerseys. Fort McMurray Monarchs look too dominate in the 2015 season and come away with a championship.


Contact Information

 Jesse Maddox, President

Twitter: @FortMacMonarchs