St. Albert Stars


The St. Albert Stars are amped up and ready for the 2015 season to begin. Recruiting has gone well for the Stars in the off season, adding weapons on both sides of the ball. With the top linebacker core in the League coming back hungrier than ever, and adding weapons in front of them they will be a Juggernaut to handle.

Going in there 3rd Season, they have had their high’s and there Low’s. We’re going to take what we have learned in our first 2 seasons as a franchise and continue to move forward getting better. Our main goal this year is to focus one game at a time.

The St. Albert Stars feel there is more they can do on and off the field. They have been busy this off season not only practicing, but getting ready to volunteer their time to minor football clubs, and organizing fundraisers for local charities around the city.

Contact Information

 Troy Pappas & Michael Bryski, President

Twitter: @stars_football