With a new year comes a new season of the AFL

On December 17, 2016, the Alberta Football League (AFL) held their annual general meeting in Edmonton. With representatives from each team in attendance they approved the election of board members as follows:

  • President: Kurt Howland – Calgary Gators
  • Vice President: Glen Dembicki – Lloydminster Vandals
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Matt Squires – Airdrie Irish
  • Director of Statistics: Kevin Willoughby

“I would like to thank all the teams in the Alberta Football League for placing their confidence in me as their president,” said Howland, who will serve as president for two years. “I believe we have a strong and competitive league and we will continue to have a strong representation across the province and within the team’s communities.”

Upon conclusion of the annual general meeting, the Parkland Predators have been accepted as a probationary franchise for the upcoming season, bringing the total number of franchises operating within the AFL to nine.

“Their presentation was very well put together. This is a great opportunity for the AFL to connect with an area of Alberta that has seen success in the past,” said Howland.

The Edmonton Raiders, however, have not been reinstated admission as a non-probationary team and therefore will no longer be a franchise in the AFL. The Raiders completed the 2016 season with a 4-4 record.

In regard to bylaws, the following amendments have been made:

  • Cut blocking has been introduced to Football Canada rules and will be implemented within the AFL beginning this season.
  • Player eligibility is now two (2) games played within the first five (5) games. Or four (4) consecutive games played to complete the regular season. However, injured players must be present on game-day to be checked off by the opposing team.

A tentative schedule has been put in place and will be released upon league approval.

“We are very excited to get the 2017 season underway and continue to strengthen our brand in the province,” said Howland.

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